The WebTop Mission

When we set out to design WebTop, we wanted to break the barriers of traditional computer networks. We wanted to give companies of all sizes the ability to carry their business across town or across the world in their pocket or laptop bag. We wanted something easy-to-use, cost effective and secure. Let us introduce you to the 3rd Network Revolution:

WebTop is a virtual desktop that puts your work in the cloud and your office in any device. All you need is an internet connection.

With WebTop, we have leveled the playing field between large enterprise and small business. WebTop has done this without breaking the bank; in fact, we save you money. With support for hundreds of apps and virtually any internet-ready device, WebTop is the desktop of the future for growing businesses.

WebTop is a secure, encrypted service supported by our experienced engineers to help customers achieve their goals. We host our own private cloud because we know your ability to access and secure your data is of utmost importance.

In short, we designed a platform for today’s business needs: user-friendly, mobile, great for your bottom line, and safe. We took our business to the next level; now it’s your turn.

3rd Network Revolution

First there came the main frames, then the personal experience on in house servers, now the world is moving organizations to the 3rd Network, the Cloud Network. Users access Webtop Virtual Desktop and Cloud Servers from Office PCs, Home Computers and Mobile Devices. This is data storage reimagined. Anywhere, anytime access. Join the revolution. Join the cloud.