Partner Testimonials

Robert Yeagley

Eagle Secure Solutions, LLC chose DirectCloud’s WebTop as our primary cloud solution for the outstanding value that the solutions brings to my clients. The cloud market can be intimidating and a hard sell because of the complexities of taking an in-house network and making it work seamlessly on the cloud. DirectCloud’s WebTop makes it easy for my end users to adopt the cloud offering with little computer experience and be able leverage it on Windows, Mac and Android operating systems seamlessly without missing a beat.

Robert Yeagley
Networking & Security Specialist
Eagle Secure Solutions, LLC.

I have to say that working with Robert Yeagley, and the DirectCloud team has worked out to my companies advantage. Robert was along with the transition all the way through. Solved any bump in the road, and kept in constant communication from the start. We are in the process of taking WebTop on the road, for my clients at Sign Medix, Inc. With all of our survey photos, and art work to present to the customer, we can now sit down face to face with the customer, thus, no more down time of returning to the office, retrieving the art work and returning to the customer. Definitely a great advantage for my company.

Phil Saunders
Sign Medix

Tim Elemes

Our core business is business continuity planning, helping businesses manage and mitigate operational risk. Time and time again, we run into companies that focus on recovering their servers, but regularly overlook desktop recovery. With WebTop, not only can we offer a solution for recovering desktop services, our clients are able to access their desktop from any device, anywhere and anytime. It’s hard to beat that level of recoverability for your end users.

Huber Advisors

Scott Haselkorn

After an unsuccessful cloud roll out with another vendor it was clear to me and my company that it was time to reevaluate our objectives and requirements for our cloud platform. I revisited all the options I had reviewed previously and found some new players to evaluate. This time around I knew that the technology was not the focus, rather, the team and commitment to an excellent product and end user experience. With very few exceptions that I could find, most cloud vendors were really only offering cloud server virtualization. Sure, they all had their own twist and management tools to set them apart, but nothing stood out.

Then in my initial contact with Direct Cloud something was different. For some reason, yet unknown, I found myself speaking to a Director and being asked questions about my business, moments after calling to inquire. These questions were not technology driven but more the kind of things that are important to my company with a goal of determining if we were a good fit. DirectCloud was more interested in if Haselkorn, Inc. would work well together with them to deliver an exceptional client experience. No rush to provide pricing or a contract to sign.

As I continued to evaluate my options and learn more about many vendors, DirectCloud moved ahead of the pack. They did a few things differently that required my offering to change a bit, but it seemed clear this was for the better and there was a reasoning as to why the product was not like anything else on the market.

With DirectCloud we had to change our way of thinking and flip upside-down some of our roll out procedures. We gained a stable, well maintained, rock solid product offering that once implemented has proven exceptionally reliable and easy to use. Webtop makes access as easy as point and click, regardless of the device you access from.

Our clients on DirectCloud experience a solution that just works. At the office or on the go everything is dependable and fast. DirectCloud delivers what they promise and more.
My technical staff have a partner that is there for us whenever needed and knows exactly how to help without hesitation.

As the world changes and more and more businesses see the benefits of the cloud, Haselkorn, Inc. is positioned to be a leader with DirectCloud as our partner in mutual successes with Haselkorn, Inc. and our clients.

Haselkorn, Inc.