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Partner with DirectCloud

We Help You Shake More Hands, Make More Money, Squash Flat Growth…and the Competition.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you have customers clamoring for cloud-based solutions?
  • Do you lack the time and resources to build your cloud?
  • Do you want your share of the billion dollar cloud industry?

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How It Works

DirectCloud is a partner-centric program that allows you – our partners ­– the opportunity to offer our unique WebTop program to customers in your area. We are 100% channel-driven. DirectCloud has no direct sales force, so any leads we encounter are forwarded on to our partners. Our main goal is to enhance your business model through our reseller channel and enable you to sell more products and services. We’ve done the legwork, so that you can focus on growing your business. We can quickly ramp up your organization in sixty to ninety days; here’s how:

  • 75% of businesses want to utilize cloud solutions
  • You can see up to 40% margins with cloud products
  • Comprehensive product and sales training
  • Technical training and certification to support and manage WebTop for your users
  • Sales Tools to enable your sales force
  • Access to an array of marketing materials to help grow your business
    • Customized End User Drip Emails = Brand, Solution, and Revenue
    • Localized Social Media Posts and Promotions sent to your inbox every other week
    • Customized Event and Webinar Planning
    • Direct mail pieces
    • Customized whitepapers and datasheets

A Proven Solution

The Direct Cloud Partner Program will help you add more customers and move to the cloud right now; without a capital investment. Our renowned Business Partner Program is designed to successfully transition your business into the cloud managed services marketplace with proven sales and technical certification, customizable marketing materials and support, and a comprehensive partner portal.

WebTop speaks for itself and so do the profits you can make. Click on the links to find out just how DirectCloud can help you, whether you are an office technology dealer, a managed service provider, or a telecommunications provider.

Talk to a DirectCloud representative today to find out how you can bring cloud managed services to your customers. Click the links below to learn more.

As we migrated our clients onto WebTop, everything went extremely well. Our DirectCloud engineers, Kyle and Matt, have been exceptionally responsive and right on-the-money with support. I cannot express enough my thanks to all of you for providing us with a fantastic solution for our client needs. The entire team here at IT4 looks forward to a very long and prosperous relationship.
-Michael Bickford, Field Service Engineer, IT4


Shake More Hands

Shake More Hands

How to make more appointments with C-level executives and make the sale:

How do we help you shake more hands? Adding our cloud solution to your line card enables you to open new dialogues with your current clients and with prospects. As you know, the key to making the sale is getting in front of the right people; it also entails offering them the right solution at the right time. The market is demanding cloud solutions and they are demanding them yesterday. WebTop is an integrative virtual desktop that offers a single login to access multiple applications, software programs and functions; exactly what the consumer is looking for. The time for cloud services is now and the solution is clear.

Don’t Wing It, Win It!

Our sales “Track Selling” program is a proprietary training program designed by Harry Kaminsky and used at IBM to teach salespeople how to succeed. It focuses on making the appointment with the right people, the tricks of the telephone and other steps to sales success.

  • A (appointments) + P (prospects) = $ (sales)
  • KASH (knowledge, attitude, skills, habits)
  • The Buyer Decision-Making Process
  • How and what customers buy
  • Are you talking to the MAN or are you talking to a Seymour?
  • And much more…

New Conversations
WebTop allows you to open new conversations with the 20% of your current clients who create 80% of your business. It’s a fresh perspective with a high-demand product that will enable you to get in front of your customer and take their IT to the place they want it to be. WebTop also enables you to open dialogue with prospective customers who want to engage cloud solutions in their businesses.


Make More Money

Make More Money

Are you interested in up to 40% profit margins?

We know that if a solution doesn’t fulfill the big revenue “R,” it isn’t worth your time. Thankfully, the market for cloud managed services is growing exponentially. 75% of businesses want to or are already implementing cloud solutions. However, many companies’ cloud solutions are scattered and disjointed. They require multiple providers to provide multiple services. That’s one login for document storage, another for accounting software, yet another for email… DirectCloud’s WebTop solution features a single login allowing customers to access email, shared files, calendars and more.

With our WebTop solution, you can easily enter the lucrative cloud managed services market ahead of the curving, enabling you to capture customer loyalty early on.

Financial benefits to partnering with DirectCloud:

  1. Increase revenue
    1. Profit margins up to 40%.
    2. IT line of business application in the cloud went up by 15% over 2012
  2. Save on gross salary and administrative costs
    1. Our partners receive the benefit of marketing services provided as part of the program, so there is no need to hire additional marketing staff. We have customizable marketing materials that can be presented to prospective clients. Each business partner also works with a Communications Specialist to reach their target market with email drip marketing, press releases, social media and more.
    2. Our partners also receive the benefit of our experienced and knowledgeable technicians. We have already built and tested the WebTop solution. Our technicians have a laundry list of certifications, including Microsoft, Cisco, VM and more. We possess the backend expertise to run the system, meaning you don’t have to go hire an entire engineering staff.
  3. Return on investment
    1. Cloud spending by customers will grow from $40 billion in 2012 to $100 billion by 2016
    2. 60% of your customers will be evaluating a private cloud solution in the next 18 months
    3. 75% of IT executives in the mid-market and enterprise space will launch a cloud strategy by 2014.
  4. Lessen risk of change
    1. Not only does WebTop future-proof your customers’ IT infrastructure, it future-proofs your business model by incorporating a lucrative product offering into your line card. There is one certainty in the IT market, and that is that the cloud is here to stay and customer demand is high. Businesses want to migrate their IT infrastructure into the cloud.
  5. Lower CAPEX and OPEX
    1. Lower IT costs by 45%
    2. Improve scalability by 57%
    3. Improve business agility by 54%

Squash Flat Growth

Squash Flat Growth

Are you experiencing flat growth in your potential market? Do you find yourself contemplating price wars instead of profit margins? How do you get out of the rut you’re in?

The Cloud is Flush, Not Flat
Cloud managed services offers an expanding, lucrative market. Small-to-medium-sized businesses are increasingly looking to the cloud to future-proof their IT infrastructure, provide an optimal disaster recovery plan, and save them time and money.

You can squash flat growth by cashing in on the high demand for cloud solutions. The best part is, that as a cloud managed services provider, you can create monthly recurring revenue for your business’ coffers. That’s an average of $100,000 annually.

The numbers are clear: this market is growing and growing quickly:

  • 60% of your customers will be evaluating a private cloud solution in the next 18 months
  • 75% of IT executives in the mid-market and enterprise space will launch a cloud strategy by 2014
  • Cloud spending by customers will grow from $40 billion in 2012 to $100 billion by 2016
  • IT line of business application in the cloud went up by 15% over 2012
  • 75% of businesses want to or are already implementing cloud solutions.

Squash the Competition

Squash the Competition

Be on the Profitable Side of the Competitive Gap

There’s one key to succeeding in an emerging market and that is getting into the game ahead of the curve. That is why early adoption of cloud managed services is absolutely critical. There are three types of businesses who are players in the potential cloud managed services marketplace:

  1. Non-Developing Business: Those who are driving by the bookstore
    1. These businesses are content with their current offerings, by they managed services, print document management or phone systems. They aren’t changing their business model to adapt to changing demand, instead, they are comfortable doing exactly what they’ve been doing for the past ten or fifteen years.
  2. Emerging Business: Those who are reading the book:
    1. These businesses understand that the cloud is the market to be in and they want to jump in and get their feet wet. However, they are often daunted by the process of building a cloud solution and entering into an entirely new category of managed services. They are looking for the right option that will allow them to become major players in this emerging marketplace, while simultaneously providing them with a marketable product and the skills to successfully implement it with their customers and prospects.
  3. Thriving Business: Those who are writing the book:
    1. The businesses in the second tier are reading the book written by companies like DirectCloud. DirectCloud has built and field-tested a cloud solution, WebTop. DirectCloud recognized the direction in which the market was turning and implemented their solution accordingly. What sets DirectCloud apart is our commitment to our business partners. We understand that cloud managed services is often viewed by those who are reading the book as a new, and sometimes insurmountable new challenge. These companies may not yet have the skills or certifications to implement these services in their target market.
    2. Unlike other “partner programs” we recognize that those reading the book may need some guidance in order to succeed as cloud managed services providers. Rather than seeing this as an insurmountable obstacle, we have implemented a tested and respected Partner Program. Each stage of the program is mapped out, containing milestones to hit and a rigorous training program designed to teach both salespeople and technicians to install and maintain cloud managed services. We are not interested in a “sign you and dump you” approach. Through our guided 90 Day Fast Track Program, we work with our individual business partners to meet their goals and ensure their success in the lucrative cloud managed services marketplace. We are determined to make you a thriving business as well.

We like to say that in order to win the race, you have to be in the race. We’re ready to pass the baton, are you ready to run with it?


Know Your

Know Your Customer

Small-to-medium-sized business want to be in the cloud

We’ve been talking about this all along: the market is demanding cloud solutions and they want them now.
So who is your customer? Most likely they are small-to-medium-sized businesses who are frustrated with their current IT infrastructure. These businesses are tired of server and software upgrades, hardware replacements and in-house IT crises. They want to streamline their IT solutions. They want to integrate their email, applications, files and calendars into one easy-to-access service. They want a reliable disaster recovery plan. They want to know their data is safe and secure. They are often running multiple solutions to serve multiple functions.
And above all, they want to be in “the cloud.” Oftentimes, they aren’t even sure exactly what the cloud is. They hear the term bandied about. They hear about all the benefits it provides to businesses such as their own, especially that it can save them money and increase their business’ productivity and mobility. They are looking for a single, integrated solution and finding that the offerings are sparse. As a DirectCloud Business Partner, you will be in the unique and enviable position of offering just such a product.
Here’s what DirectCloud can help you offer them:

  • Cut customer IT costs by 67%
  • Simplify customer IT operations by 66%
  • Improve IT reliability by 56%
  • 24/7 access to secure data
  • Offsite data backup for a disaster recovery plan
  • Flexible plans with affordable pricing

To find out more benefits, visit the end user pages


Managed Service Providers

Skip the Time, Money and Staffing to Setup Your Own Cloud. Read more...

Managed Service Providers

Skip the Time, Money and Staffing to Setup Your Own Cloud

Everyone in the MSP marketplace knows that the cloud is the big name in IT services. Most MSP’s want to provide cloud solution to their customers. However, the cost and time commitment of building a cloud solution can be daunting. So too can the back end maintenance. If you are a managed service provider who is looking to add cloud solutions to your product offerings without the time, money and staffing to setup your own cloud infrastructure, you have come to the right place.

WebTop is Ready. Are You?

DirectCloud offers a fully-built and field-tested virtual desktop solution called WebTop. WebTop is a single login platform that contains a user’s email, calendar, contacts, applications, files and more all in one easy-to-use virtual desktop. WebTop is vendor-agnostic, functioning across browsers and across devices. As such, it supports the BYOD workplace that many small-to-medium-sized businesses are adopting.

Learn How to Spin Up New Customers Quickly

As a DirectCloud Business Partner, you can easily integrate WebTop into the catalog of products you are currently offering, allowing you to provide your customers with a cloud solution. Our guided 90 Day Fast Track Program is designed to teach you how to quickly spin new customers onto WebTop and manage those clients after the fact. Every business partner receives certification, both from a sales and a technical standpoint.

Don’t take our word for it though:

“All of us at IT4 are very excited about our business partnership with DirectCloud. We immediately recognized all of the end-user benefits and robustness of the DirectCloud WebTop infrastructure. The DirectCloud WebTop platform allows us to present to existing and potential clients what we believe is the best cloud computing solution available today, offered at an affordable end user cost tailored for small to medium businesses. We can now scale-out and deploy capacity literally in a matter of minutes; delivering a quality user experience that is critical to our customers.”


Office Technology Dealers

This is For You.

Office Technology Dealers

Office Technology Dealers: This is For You

Are you currently selling or leasing business technology equipment? Becoming a DirectCloud Business Partner catapults you into place as market leader in cloud services and allows you to gain market share. There isn’t a lot of competition in the field right now, so now is the time. The demand is there, shouldn’t you be the one of satisfy it?

DirectCloud has a More than a Plan

Only 10% of office technology dealers have a plan for the implementation of cloud services! That means 90% of businesses don’t even know where or how they want to start. This is why DirectCloud is your new best friend in the cloud managed services market. We have more than a plan; we have a proven product, processes for implementation and a Partner Program designed to ensure your success.

DirectCloud Teaches You How to Play the Cloud Game

We understand that cloud managed services is a different game than the one most office technology dealers are used to playing. The rules are a little different. The rewards, in today’s cloud-hungry marketplace, are much higher. Our 90 Day Fast Track Program is a playbook designed to teach you the ropes. Our certification program ensures both your sales and technical teams have the knowledge and expertise to migrate and maintain customers in the cloud.


Telecommunications Providers

Diversify Your Offerings with Cloud Managed Services.

Telecommunication Providers

Diversify Your Offerings with Cloud Managed Services

Are you facing competition from cable providers and managed service providers for DSL and minutes? Are you looking for a way to diversify your offerings and get a piece of the lucrative cloud pie? DirectCloud is the place for you and WebTop is your product. We understand that cable providers such as Charter are competing with your DSL offerings and that many managed service providers are now offering minutes in addition to their phone systems.

Beat the Competition to the Cloud Arena

Did you know that only a small fraction of managed service providers are offering cloud services? Now is the time to seal in the market by partnering with DirectCloud to offer cloud solutions in your area. We partner with a select group of companies to offer our cloud solutions in their target market.

Monthly Recurring Revenue and Fresh Conversations

With WebTop, you can add monthly recurring revenue to your books. This amounts to an average of $100,000 annually. You can also engage with a wider market and open new conversations with your current customers.

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Flat growth and price wars dragging your business down?

will help you reach for the skies

Are you watching other providers adopt cloud solutions and don’t know where to start? Are HIPAA and FDIC regulations and cloud-based document storage hitting your company where it hurts? It’s time to take action. DirectCloud gives you the keys to the lucrative cloud managed services market. We help you shake more hands, make more money, squash flat growth… and the competition.

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