Cloud Computing, Apps, Storage, and Infrastructure

WebTop Users Get More From the Cloud

With WebTop your organization will get a simple, consolidated cloud network that provides the cost savings, mobility, and staff productivity needed to succeed in today’s business climate. Organizations are turning to the cloud computing, storage, servers, and virtual desktops provided by WebTop in order to replace their traditional, costly IT computing environments. DirectClouds’s certified partners provider exceptional service and expert technicians that consult and assist businesses with cloud computing services.

WebTop provides built-in security, data backup, and disaster recovery to protect your organization's business continuity and IT infrastructure. WebTop is customized on a user-by-user basis, ensuring employees only have access to the data and applications they need. In addition, WebTop is branded with your bushiness' logo, providing continuous brand awareness across your organization. To find out additional reasons why WebTop is the right fit for your organization's IT and cloud computing solution, contact us today.