App Access

Bring Your Own Applications

WebTop is a single sign on solution, giving you access to all your applications through one login. Microsoft Office Suite and Outlook are automatically included in WebTop. However, WebTop has the ability to integrate thousands of third-party, critical line-of-business applications into your desktop. WebTop supports diverse application delivery methods including hosted, streamed, web-based, local, and virtual. Experience full app access on demand with bring your own application (BYOA).

Cloud Application Access - Chicago, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Twin Cities

Amp Up Your Productivity

  • All essential programs are in one place - Simply login to WebTop to access email, applications and more
  • Integrated company file drives
  • Syncs with Microsoft Outlook, Office, SAAS, Accounting, ERP, CRM and proprietary software
  • Office, SaaS, Accounting, ERP, CRM, and proprietary software
  • Email, calendar, and contacts
  • Printers and peripherals
  • Bring your own applications