Increase Productivity with Cloud Computing

Virtual Desktop & Services on the Cloud - Chicago, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Twin Cities

Collaboration is Key to Business Velocity

The biggest driver in any successful company is the ability to collaborate. Collaboration in today’s business market means real-time communication. WebTop facilitates access to all the applications your employees rely on to do their jobs effectively through integrated company file systems. One employee can create and update a file and then pass it along to a colleague for review. A sales presentation made on one individual’s work machine can be carried into a meeting on another person’s tablet. Essential files don’t get accidentally saved onto an individual computer because the user must be logged into their separate, synced virtual desktop to access and create files.

24/7 Data Access

We know time is money and if something doesn't include the big "R" for revenue, it's wasting your time. That's why WebTop Virtual Desktop is always on and always readily available. Logging in is simple because it is the same on every device. WebTop’s cloud storage provide your employees with data access 24 hours per day, allowing them to flex and extend their work days to fit their busy schedules. Anytime access translates to increased productivity which translates to increased profits. Does that sound like the big "R" to you?

The World is Your Office

The world is your office; or if it isn’t yet, it ought to be. WebTop seamlessly integrates your files, applications, calendar and email into one central location. One username and password gives you anytime, anywhere access to everything you now use at the office. Your firm’s virtual desktop is customized with your logo. In addition, each user can customize the look and feel of their WebTop experience; while their managers can control the application and file access of individual employees.

It's As Easy As:

  • The smartphone in your pocket
  • The laptop and tablet in your bag
  • Your desktop PC at work or home