Mobile Cloud Computing Anywhere on Any Device at Any Time

While flying over the Atlantic, I needed to attend a conference call. I logged into my WebTop, opened my VoIP phone and held a two hour conference call, working throughout on WebTop. I had my whole office at 30,000 feet.

DirectNetworks, Inc.


Freedom to BYOD

The business professional today desires freedom. They seek anytime access to their programs and data; they want an easy-to-use interface; and they want to bring their own device (BYOD). Businesses today want to save money and increase the productivity of their users, while giving them the ability to take their work mobile. WebTop is ideally-suited to today's mobile economy. In contrast to virtual desktop (VDI) solutions, WebTop easily adapts to mobile devices and provides a continuous user experience across platforms.

Millennials: The Mobile Generation

Millennials are the new blood in today’s workforce and they bring an extraordinary amount of intellectual capital. Over 63% of Millennials (or Gen Y) have a bachelor’s degree. Not only are Millennials on track to be the most educated generation in American history, they are also a generation that has grown up within a technology revolution that has changed the face of social and workplace interactions. As such, Millennials expect to use technology in the workplace; and not just any technology. Millennials want to use their own technology on their own schedule. WebTop, combined with the flexibility of Bring Your Own Device, allows businesses the opportunity to offer this essential functionality to its workers, Gen Y and otherwise.

Access from:

  • Your PC at home or work
  • Your laptop
  • On your tablet
  • On your smartphone
  • Thin client
  • BYOD

All you need is an internet connection

Wherever you look today, people are on their phones, their tablets and other devices. The world, both in business and without, is tied into technology like never before. And today’s businesses need easy-to-use, intuitive software their employees can start using at the drop of a hat. WebTop rises to that challenge.

User-friendly interface

  • Email
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Documents
  • Applications