Cloud Computing Savings with WebTop

Saving money is great, reducing IT costs is even better. Business in the cloud is streamlined; that means no more costly, bulky, finicky on-site servers. Cloud computing means freeing up your people to grow your business.

By the Numbers

Implementing WebTop has saved our clients 20-30 percent over their previous in-house solution. They don’t know why they wasted so much time and money maintaining their own servers for so long.

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Reduce Costs

  • No capital investments
  • Stop buying costly hardware, software and support purchases
  • Flexible plans – Pay only for what you use
  • Reduce ongoing break or fix support costs

Not only are cloud servers a more secure form of disaster recovery, they eliminate the costs of maintaining on-site servers. On-premise servers are costly; they require a large capital investment and must be updated and refreshed every few years. They also require more IT support onsite on a regular basis and this support costs money – whether you have in-house staff who are pulled away from IT development or you have a managed service provider whose time is billed for maintenance.

Increase ROI

  • All-inclusive server, backups and network software support
  • Enhanced productivity through BYOD
  • Dedicate your in-house IT department to your business development
  • Save money by eliminating on-site server costs and maintenance
  • Adding new users is simple, allowing you to grow your business

Is WebTop the Solution For You?

There are a lot of factors to consider when you think about taking your business to the cloud. First and foremost, you need to look at your current IT infrastructure. How much are you paying now for servers, hardware, software and IT personnel? Is your IT department able to focus on your business goals or do they spend all of their time updating software on individual machines, fixing connectivity issues and dealing with crisis after crisis? If that is the case, the cloud is a great solution for your business. WebTop allows you to “get out of the IT business” and back into your own. We provide the hardware, eliminate the need to on-site servers, continuously update software, and oversee the day-to-day maintenance issues. Essentially we turn your crisis department back into an IT department. That means you can slash your IT budget exponentially. We’re not talking about eliminating jobs; we’re simply freeing up your people to focus on your business.

We have saved a significant amount on our monthly IT expenses. We no longer have servers to maintain and we no longer have to worry about upgrading individual computers because of lack of disk space/memory. Everything is stored in the “cloud” and not on hard drives.

Administrator duties are so much easier; you’re able to access directly from your own desktop. The ease of connecting when working from a remote location is great!! And, you can connect not only with a PC/laptop, but with your tablet or cell phone… We have decided that this is the only way to operate on a day-to-day basis.

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