Data Security in a Private Cloud

Data Security with Cloud Storage

Encrypted Data Backup on Private Cloud Networks - Chicago, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Twin Cities

In the digital age, data security is paramount to every business. WebTop’s private cloud network gives businesses the peace of mind that their data is safe, secure and confidential while still providing the accessibility and flexibility they need.

  • Two separate data centers in west and east coast locations
    • Redundancy = a disaster recovery plan
    • Off-site data storage keeps your data safe
  • Encrypted
  • Private cloud = secure data
  • None of your data is ever outsourced outside the U.S.

What's Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

On-premise servers have been the business technology model until recently. Unfortunately, on-site servers don’t lend themselves to easy disaster recovery. What happens when your on-premise server crashes? Or a pipe bursts on the floor above and water drips down into your server racks? What does that cost you, not only in terms of money, but of productivity? WebTop has built-in redundancy (i.e. multiple data centers in geographically distinct time zones) to ensure that your IT is ready when you are.

Disaster Recovery: We Have You Covered

These geographically diverse data centers are the key. Recently, Hurricane Sandy highlighted just how critical it is to have data backed up in geographically different locations. Many companies located in NYC had their second set of servers across the river in NJ. Power went down, facilities were flooded and generators quickly ran out of fuel. Many prominent websites and businesses suffered downtime. We purposefully located our data centers on the East and West coast in order to minimize the likelihood that a single disaster like Sandy, or a mass power outage, would affect your access to your data.

Your Data Bank

Think of WebTop as a safety deposit box for you data. It sits in a bank vault (our servers) along with all the other boxes (other companies WebTops). There are only two keys for your box. One for us, so we can keep the system running. One for your business, so you and your employees can keep your business moving forward You can’t unlock anyone else’s box and they can’t unlock yours. How’s that for data security?