Unified Workspace

User Customization

Unified workspaces, like WebTop, are changing the way people work. Say goodbye to the traditional office space. With WebTop, you can take your office with you, on the road, to the boardroom, and around the world. It looks the same and acts the same across devices because it is the same. We call it the “follow-me” workspace because it provides users with individualized and consistent interfaces they love to work with.

Unified Workspace

  • One platform across devices.
  • Single sign on access.
  • Consistent user experience.
  • Increases user productivity.
  • App access from any device.

Business Customization

Why would you choose a public cloud when you can work in a secure, customized cloud solution? Public cloud services offer no assurances that your data will be there a week from now, nor do they allow you to customize their service for your organization.

We believe in providing businesses’ with the same level of customization we offer to your employees. This means your organization’s WebTop is custom-branded with your logo. In addition, WebTop gives you the ability to customize individual user permissions, insuring your data against unauthorized access.